Epitafia z Cmentarza Brompton w Londynie


To the memory of
The beloved & affectionate wife of
George Baker.
Of Re[c/g?]Ent Terrac[e?], Kings Road, Chelsea;
Who departed this life may 13th 1848.
Aged 50 years

Farewell vain world without a tear
Save for the friends I hold so dear
To heal their sorrows lord descend,
And to the friendless prove a friend.

Also of
Charlotte Elizabeth M[e?]a[d?]ams,
Who departured this life the 19th june 1856
Aged 23 years
She fell asleep in Jesus"


To the memory of
The affectionate wife of
Benjamin Watts Esqre
Who departed this life June 10th 1860
In the 83rd year of her age.

Much beloved and deeply lamented
On the 18th Novbr 1861
Benjamin Watts
Husband of the above in the 80
Year of his age
Deeply regretted

O Death! Where ist thy sting?"


"In loving remembrance of
George Friend
Who entered into rest september 4th 1886
Aged 37 years

A loving husband lies sleeping here,
His wife and friends left to weep:
Sincere, in peace he lived, in peace he died,
His life was craved, but was denied.

Affliction sore long time he bore,
Physicians were in vain;
Until God above, out of his love,
Has freed him from his pain.

My dear Husband now enjoys a Heavenly birth,
He is not lost, but gone before."


"In loving memory of
Eliza Cilbert
Who died October 23rd 1885
Aged 71 years

Death is but the gloomy portal
That our master for us trod
And it leads to life immortal
Leads us to our home - our God"


"James Hayes Raper
Born at Carlisle Octr 6th 1820
Died at Kensington, May 19th 1897

During a long and active public life he devoted
The rare gifts which he possesed to the service
Of God and the elevation of his fellow men, as a temperance
Reformer he laboured earnestly and faithfully to the last
And died honoured and lamented by all who knew him. Or had been
Associaed with him in the struggle for truth and right.

Alike are life and death
When life in death survives.
And the uninterrupted breath
Inspires a thousand lives.
Were a star quenched on high,
For ages would its light
Still travelling downward from the sky
Shine on our mortal sight,
So when a good man dies,
For years beyond our ken
The light he leaves behind him lies
Upon the paths of men.

Also Emelia Eliza.
Widow of the above
Who died dec. 26th 1929, aged 93."


Loving memory
The dearly loved wife of
A. G. Moffrey.
Who entered into rest may 10th 1918
Aged 70 years.

Life's race well run
Life's work well done
Life's crown well won
Now comes rest.

Also of the above
Ardent George Moffrey.
Suddenly called away Febr 7th 1922.
Aged 69 years.


"In loving memory of
My beloved husband
Thomas John Glee,
Died november 14th 1928,
Aged 53 years.

Sleep on, beloved, sleep and take thy rest
Lay down thy head upon thy saviour's breast.
We loved thee well, but Jesus loved thee best.
"Good-night!" "


"The Lord watch between me and thee when we are
absent one from another" Genesis 49

Though thou hast called me to resign,
What most I prized, it ne'er was mine;
I only yield thee what is thine,
thy will be done."

Pierwszy cytat pochodzi z Rodz. 31,49. Drugi to fragment hymnu luterańskiego pt. My God, My Father, While I Stray autorstwa Charlotte Elliot (1789-1871) [przyp. Sowa]


"Father in thy gracious keeping
Leave m[?]e now thy servant sleeping."

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